Join The Journey

Join The Journey

Welcome to the Admissions section of Vadapalani Matriculation  School. In this section you should find all the necessary information to enable you to apply to Vadapalani Matriculation School, arrange a visit or request further information.


The best way to really find out what a school is like is to visit then imagine how your son would fit in to the school, to discover if it is right for him. We have several events during the year including Open Days and At Work events (when you visit on a normal schoolday), which provide a great opportunity to see the school.
You are also very welcome to visit the school at a time to suit you during a normal school day. Please contact our Office for Admissions Registrar to make an appointment:


Welcome to Admissions:

Join your Journey with Vadapalani Matriculation School, we strive to understand your family’s unique situation in order to personalize your journey from inquiry to your child’s first day of school.

Application Forms

Application for Admission forms are issued in person at VADAPALANI MATRICULATION SCHOOL. If a representative is sent to collect the form, please indicate name of the child, class to which admission is sought and date of birth. Since the number of applicants are far more than the number of seats available, a waiting list system will operate and parents are strongly advised to apply for admission as early as possible. Assessment for admission will be followed by an interview and will take place on a first-come-first-served basis only as per the availability of the seats. Applications will be issued on request of the parents.

Admission and Withdrawals

  • Pupils joining from other schools should bring Transfer certificate from the school last attended, along with birth Certificate issued by the Municipal Offices. The school authorities reserve the right to refuse admission without assigning any reason
  • If a Pupil comes from a school outside the district/State and other Board Schools, their T.C must be counter signed by the concerned Inspector of Matriculation/other Board schools.
  • New pupils must be introduced personally by their parents/Guardians who will be responsible for their good character, regularity and payment of fees.
  • Transfer and other certificates will be issued only on receipt of written application from the parent or guardian of the pupil.
  • Those who want T.C at the end of the academic year must apply before 30th March of the Academic year.

Courses offered at Higher Secondary Level

The school provides a science and commerce stream to choose from. Various specialized subjects are provided to the students.

The science stream offersLanguage         

English (compulsory for all)

Second Language –    Tamil/Hindi/French

Maths, Chemistry, Physics& Computer Science

Maths,  Chemistry, Physics & Biology.

Physics, Chemistry, Biology & Computer Science . The Commerce stream offers
Second Language -Tamil/Hindi/French

Commerce, Accountancy, Economics & Business Maths

Commerce, Accountancy, Economics & Computer Science