Parents Corner

Parents Corner


Progress Report showing the conduct of the pupils and the result of the examination will be issued after every examination. In the interest of their children, parents are expected to pay careful to these reports, sign and return the same within two days.


  • Good manners, courtesy and politeness being the hall mark of a good student, he/she is expected to greet all staff members, visitors and elders showing due respect at all times.
  • Use of vulgar and objectionable language, display of violent behavior etc., is not allowed.
  • Students must show due consideration to all members of society. His/her speech should not hurt or offend anyone.
  • Misuse of school property, scribbling on walls, furniture, bulletin boards and toilet wall etc., will be severely dealt with. Breakages of any kind are subject to a fine and / or payment for replacement repairs.
  • Library books, laboratory and classroom equipment’s must be handled carefully and any loss or damage will have to be fully compensated.
  • The school premises must be kept neat and clean. Litter of any kind must be thrown in dustbins/waste paper baskets.


Students should reach the school 5 minutes before the 1st bell. Latecomers will be marked PL (Present but Late). Children who are late for the third consecutive time in a term will be given a written warning following which they will be sent home on the fourth occasion.
Attendance in the daily assembly/prayer is a must. Students are required to be present for at least 75% of the total working in an academic year of terms and to be eligible to

  • Appear for the Annual Examinations. In case the attendance is inadequate, the student will not be allowed to take the examination.
  • Leave may be taken only after obtaining permission from the Principal.
  • Absence on medical grounds needs to be supported by a Medical Certificate.
  • Pupil requiring leave during hours must obtain permission from the Principal and notify it to their teacher before leaving.
  • No Pupil will be sent home during the school without a written note from the parent or guardian.


  • No cash contribution is accepted directly from students for any school function. Please check with school office or class teacher before sending any cash through students. However, students hold a few functions such as Farewell to class XII by class XI etc., for which students with the knowledge/approval of authorities collect a reasonable amount.
  • Students are strictly prohibited to bring the following to school:
    1. Obscene or vulgar literature, photographs etc.
    2. Money, jewelry, valuables, electronic games, papers and cellular phones etc.
    3. Sticks, knives or any such equipment’s.
    4. Chewing gums, pan parag, banned drugs, cigarettes, any unlawful items of consumption.
  • Possession of prohibited items will be grounds for confiscation of suspected items, grounds for expulsion along with reporting of incidence to concerned law enforcement agencies.
  • Any notice, circular or given by the school must be handed over by the student to his / her parents/guardians, and returned to the school, where necessary, with the signature of parents/guardian.
  • Students should not carry out any meeting, activity, celebrations or print circulars/magazines without prior written permission of the Principal.
  • Students must look after their own belongings. The school will not be held responsible for any loss.
  • If a student wants to get his/her forms/documents attested from the school office, then they should deposit it in the school and may collect it from the office.
  • Usage of cell phones by students is banned in the school premises. Violation of the above rule will be dealt very severely including seizure of the cell phone.
  • To protect the privacy of children and address for security reasons, students are prohibited from having Facebook, Youtube and other social media accounts. Having such account will be ground for disciplinary action including dismissal from the school.



Position Name E-Mail Phone Number
Principal Edie Alvarez
Assistant to the Principal Megan Curran 720.747.2102
Office Manager Sherri Kononov 720.747.2103
Registrar Kathy Farmer 720.747.2102
Office Secretary Cindy Jones 720.747.2101
Office Secretary Amy Bates 720.747.2101
Security Liz Kliegel 720.747.2167


Position Name E-Mail Phone Number
Kindergarten Teacher Dawn Morants 720.747.2120
English Brenda Birchler 720.747.2120
Maths ​Nanette Funke ​ ​720.747.2120