Some of the questions are:

  1. Age criteria for admission to classes pre-nursery, nursery and KG
    Pre KG-2+years , LKG-3+ years,UKG-4+years 
  1. What system of assessment does the school follow
    CCE assessment is followed
  1. Will homework be given to children
    Homework is provided with the aim of reinforcing the concepts taught in class.
  1. What will be the student teacher ratio in the class
    1:35 or 40 max .When it happens to exceed that count then an assistant will be provided for support.
  1. Will there be any enrichment classes in school
    There is an ongoing partnership with Chinmaya Mission to teach sloka to interested and willing children.
  1. Will spoken English be encouraged in the school
    Yes, Children right from KG are encouraged to speak and converse in English during school hours. Speaking English should preferably be emphasized at home too.
  1. What will be the school timings
    Pre KG  9.00 am to 12 noon
    LKG and UKG 8.45 am to 2 pm
    I to IX std. 8.45 am to 2.45 pm
  1. Which languages will be offered as third language in school
    At the higher secondary level, French is provided as an option.
  2. What are the criteria of recruiting teachers
    Once there is a fitment between the post and the educational qualification, a written assessment will be conducted, followed by a demo and personal interview.
  3. What sports facilities will the school provide
    A ground with all amenities ensures good exposure to Sports and athletics. Intensive training facilities are available for athletes. It also provides an indoor play area for carom and chess enthusiasts.
  4. What first aid will you provide in school in case of any casualty
    A first aid box is there in the premises to administer in case of minor accidents. The school is situated in an area which is well equipped with hospitals, so at times of emergencies they will be rushed to the appropriate hospital.
  5. Will the school take students for educational excursions
    Yes, only day trips to Children’s Park etc are allowed, overnight trips are not encouraged.
  6. Will there be any workshops for teachers in school
    Workshop for teachers are arranged on a regular basis to support and enhance their skill and productivity.
  7. How often will there be PTM’s

  8. Other than a PTM, When can a parent interact with the teacher
    The parents can address their concern with the Director and if still required get his permission to meet the concerned teacher.

  9. Will the school encourage inter house, inter school competitions
    Students are encouraged to participate in various competitions at the city and state level. Recently in the month of September our school hosted the  district level Chess competition. There are inter house competitions where each house tries to excel in studies, games and other activities.  The Best house will be honored with a Rolling Trophy.

  10. Will the school cater to children with special needs.
    The school is trying to cater to the needs of differently abled, hyperactive and slow learners by providing them with the necessary support.

  11. What subjects are offered in the XI grade
    The school provides Science and Commerce streams to choose from various specialized subjects for the students.
  12. Do they give admissions on an ongoing basis
    Admissions to Kindergarten happens on an ongoing basis. In addition transfer requests are accomdated and special preference is given for kids of our army.
  13. Do we have a house system
    Each student will be a member of one of the four houses. Captains and Vice Captains are appointed to lead their respective houses.