Message From Principle

Message From Principle

by Administrator

31 Jul 2014

We live in times of plenty. Sometimes the choices are so many that one is completely flabbergasted as to what to is at this moment of confusion, one has to think the value of interdependence. Life is so complex that young people should learn to depend on the wisdom of the community around us to make the right choices. In such a situation one has to interact with everyone else and it is impossible to be independent. Better learn to be interdependent and probe into the realms of life.

It is in and through education that one can hope for a good harmonious society. The Goal of education is to teach students to live and discover the deeper meaning of life and of transcendence to learn and develop their potentialities to interact with others, love creation, think freely and critically and plan their future.

Education by its way nature is a trans-formative process, namely changing young future leaders to complete, value driven human beings and competent professionals with a deep passion for the community.

There is often a wrong notion of “Quality Education”. It is not a system glued to individualism, Competition or mere academic results. Quality education in the true sense, Produce persons with thoughts and feeling with eagerness to share and serve, Persons who are capable of Anticipating nobble things in life and perfection in everything one does.

In our Karthigeyan matriculation Higher Secondary School ,Both in the classrooms and in the campus, We create a friendly atmosphere, While discipline is enforced with firmness accompanied with love and compassion.

We also realize the key role of educators is to build a new India where every child is educated and where the marginalized are of empowered. This commitment and have positive impact on creating an enriching school environment.

In conclusion let me assert “Every good gift is from above and cometh down from god in whom there is no change.

by Mr.S.A.Isaac Pandian